SSUSA Job #777: Incident Response Analyst

Job Description







·         Proactively seek, monitor for and respond to security incidents, as well as perform personnel investigations


·         Exercise all phases of incident response life cycle: analysis, containment, eradication, remediation, recovery


·         Monitor for external threats, assessing risk to the company environment and driving risk mitigation and response activities


·         Evaluate external threat intelligence sources related to zero day attacks, exploit kits and malware to determine organizational risk and improve threat detection


·         Conduct host based forensics and analysis to determine root cause and impact; define, document, test and manage incident response processes; mature and integrate processes and technologies, with the objective of the continued development of a “single plane of glass” for monitoring and comprehensive incident response process


·         Stay abreast of the latest information security controls, practices, techniques and capabilities in the marketplace; lead internal skills development activities for information security personnel on the topic of security monitoring and incident response, by providing mentoring and by conducting knowledge sharing sessions




·         Minimum five years of progressive security monitoring experience, security operations, and incident response activities; preferably within a professional services firm or similar environment


·         Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university


·         Strong written and verbal communication skills; ability to understand complex problems while formally presenting them simplistically; ability to lead meetings, divide responsibilities, and influence people to take action to assist in the resolution of security incidents


·         Understanding of network and system intrusion and detection methods; examples of related technologies include Splunk, Next Generation Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP), Security information and event management (SIEM)


·         Experience with malware analysis, endpoint lateral movement detection methodologies and host forensic tools






Job Location
New York City/New Jersey

Position Type