SSUSA Job #728: Software Development Engineer

Job Description


Software Development Engineer


Our financial client is looking for a highly motivated experienced Software Development Engineer to be part of a team in a  multi-asset class trading system environment. Responsibilities include development of order routing, trade matching and processing, real time market data, API's and Protocols as well as analysis of user requirements, documentation, testing and application support.





            Build high-performance, scalable, robust and stable server applications

  • Work very closely with development groups, business liaison teams, operations staff, quality assurance teams, IT security group and server administration groups on various activities related to application development and system integration

  • Participate in the design, development, testing, implementation and support of various enhancements to the trading system services

  • Produce functional application documentation

  • Provide third level (development) support for trading applications

Tech Skills:


  • Strong current technical knowledge of C/C++11, STL, TCP/IP programming and inter-process communication
  • Experience with LINUX/UNIX
  • Good technical knowledge of scripting languages (IE:  PERL, C-Shell, etc…)
  • Experience with SQL (IE:  Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, etc…)
  • Strong problem detection, troubleshooting skills and analytical abilities
  • Experience with one or more real-time market data distribution platforms (IE:  RMDS, proprietary, etc…)
  • Experience with one or more messaging and communication API’s (IE:  FIX Protocol, Google Protocol Buffers, RMDS, Tibco, RabbitMQ, Solace, etc…)
  • Experience with Version Control tools (IE:  CVS, SVN, GIT)
  • Configuration management experience is a plus (IE:  Ansible, Chef, Puppet)

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Jersey City, NJ

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