SSUSA Job #720: COGNOS Developer

Job Description



We are currently recruiting for a  Cognos TM1 Developer, responsible for the work associated in designing, developing, testing, maintaining and improving Cognos TM1 cubes, dimensions, TI processes, and rules.
- Integrate TM1 as a data source for Cognos BI reporting.
- Responsible for the ongoing operational stability of the environment ensuring objects are properly monitored and audited to provide data integrity, accuracy and timeliness of delivery.
- Create, enhance, and maintain data models, according to best practices.
- Collaborate with business users and members of the BI team, including business analysts, database administrators, and managers, to design and develop Cognos TM1 solutions.
- Exhibit a commitment to data quality by validating results compared with the data warehouse database at each step of the development process.
- Administer the Cognos TM1 development, quality assurance, production environments, including managing Cognos TM1 security using Active Directory, and migration of objects from development to production.
- Train and support Cognos TM1 end users on basic functionality, running processes, viewing/updating cubes and dimensions.






Designing, building, testing, and improving Cognos TM1 cubes and dimensions.
Developing and optimizing TM1 rules and processes for data transformation 
Production support for Cognos TM1 issues. 
User Training 
Key Competencies/Skills:
Advanced knowledge on Cognos TM1 Platform, understands industry best practices
Advanced knowledge of OLAP cube development using Cognos TM1 10+
Advanced knowledge creating TM1 rules and processes for data management
Ability to query Oracle and SQL Server databases
Ability to gather and analyze end user requirements, build specifications




Experience/Knowledge  Requirements


- Ability to absorb & present complex ideas quickly & accurately.
- Ability to provide solutions to a tight deadline.
- Good time management.
- Have a positive approach to work and to fellow team members.
- Experience in creating complex Stored Procedures, Tables, Views, Materialized Query tables, Indexes and SQL.
- Excellent oral and written communication skills.


Preferred Previous Work Experience:
- Experience on TM1 server Installation, Configuration and patch updates
- Experience on creating TM1 client instance and configuration
- Experience on TM1 backup strategy
- Experience on TM1 10+ and Cognos BI 10+ integration
- Experience on TM1 authentication configuration and authorization.
- Experience on TM1 server monitoring and performance improvement
- Ability to handle TM1 Application migration
- Knowledge on TM1 Security (Cube/Dimensions/Element and Cell security)
- Knowledge on TM1 Control Object
- Knowledge of TM1 10+ tools (TM1 Architect, Web, Perspective, CAFÉ, Go office, Performance modeler etc.)



Required  Skills/Abilities


- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Computed related field.
- Cognos TM1 Developer certification a plus
Skills  and  Special  Requirements  (heavy lifting, excessive overtime, etc.)


- Cognos TM1 10+ Administration training (or equivalent experience)
- Cognos TM1 10+ Developer training (or equivalent experience)
- Oracle SQL training (or equivalent experience)
- SQL Server Management Studio training (or equivalent experience)




Job Location
Jersey City, NJ

Position Type