SSUSA Job #682: Payment Production Support Specialist

Job Description


 Payment Production Support Specialist






This role will be responsible for providing production support for the our clients money transfer applications. These applications are carrying out payment instructions using SWIFT, CHIPS, FEDWIRE, CHAPS, DTA, SEPA, ACH, CMS and internal Bank’s payment and compliance applications. In addition, this role requires an understanding of compliance critical procedures to support the screening of payments against a consolidated sanctions list, including OFAC, MOFA, BOE. as well as an understanding of the workflow and interfaces between the systems. 




- 5 + years of experience working with Money Transfer applications or Money Transfer Operations.
- This role requires extensive knowledge of Money Transfer Operations including knowledge of payments from FED, CHIPS, SWIFT
- Some knowledge of  Foreign Currency and European payments.
- Understanding  SWIFT message format and processing cutoffs for payment service providers.  
- Knowledge of sanctioned list screening for payments application.
- Background in providing production support services for commercial payment processing.
- Banking Technology background preferred.
- Unix/Linux background is preferred
- Hands of experience with: Swift SAA and SAG, Montran GPS,  FircoSoft systems a plus
- Knowledge of messaging and job scheduling systems (e.q., MQ, TWS ) a plus





Excellent verbal, written and communication skills.
Proficient using MS Office, Excel, Word, Power Point and Visio. 
Ability to work in a team environment, technically skilled to debug processing problems.
Possess good communication and presentation skills
Adaptability to change to embrace the continuous changes in IT
Possess ability to work within set SLA's.
Hard working and innovative, selft motivated
Problem solving skills, the ability to research and diagnose an issue where several systems are involved

Job Location
Jersey City/New York City

Position Type