SSUSA Job #662: Back End Hadoop Developers

Job Description





One of our global financial clients is looking for  3-4 Back End Developers to work in New York City to be part of a deeply technical development team dedicated that is focused on the heart of the financial market infrastructure for growth across all services.  




  • Participate as a member of a highly agile, tight knit, and deeply technical development team dedicated to high velocity, high quality, and solution elegance
  • Implement highly scalable, performant, and available, cloud based back end solutions
  • Contribute to design and implementation of core frameworks for reuse across project components
  • Contribute to design and implementation of event driven and highly concurrent and distributed state machines representing complex trading workflows
  • Contribute to design and implementation of point-in-time and real-time materialized views of complex data using event streaming technologies
  • Help select, pilot, and integrate optimal open source and third party tools, frameworks, and applications




  • Languages
    • Must have expertise with Java and the core Java ecosystem
    • Must have expertise with Scala or very deep experience with functional and object oriented programming in other languages
    • Helpful to have experience with Python
    • Helpful to have experience with JavaScript technologies including either HTML5 frameworks such as Angular or React as well as back end technologies such as NodeJS
  • Frameworks
    • Must have an understanding of reactive programming and familiarity with frameworks such as Akka
    • Must have experience with Event Steam Proessing/Complex Event Processing frameworks such as Flink, Spark, or Storm
    • Helpful to have experience with Spring Boot
    • Experience with highly scalable database systems like Cassandra, HBase, or other Hadoop based systems
    • Good working knowledge of SQL and Relational Databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL
    • Good working knowledge of NoSQL database technologies
  • Technologies
    • Must have a working understanding of  Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, and Smart Contract technology
    • Specific experience designing Smart Contracts using an Ethereum like Solidity will be highly valued
    • Familiarity with Artificial Intelligence, specifically Machine Learning technologies or Cognitive Computing, will be highly valued
    • Should have experience with development of Cloud Native applications on platforms like AWS, Google Compute
    • Should have familiarity with virtualization and container technologies such as Vagrant, Docker, Rancher
    • Experience with Mesos would be a plus
  • Methodologies
    • Should have experience working on a collaborative and agile team
    • Should have experience with Continuous Integration and Deployment
    • Test Driven Development / Behavior Driven Development




Job Location
New York City

Position Type